Indian Classical Vocalist

Indian Classical Vocalist

Indian Classical Vocalist

Classical Indian music is viewed as a means of establishing a connection with the divine being in addition to serving as a source of amusement. Indian vocalist Moumita, who has contributed significantly to the global success of classical music, has a superb voice and a unique "gayaki."
Moumita's captivating performances have enthralled audiences all around the world and added to the musical canon.
She is the first female performer to appear in a concert held in Lahore after 1960 by the Rauf Ansari Foundation and All Pakistan Music Conference.
Moumita is a renowned classical singer who has sung at a number of important conferences, including the Doverlane Music Conference in Kolkata, the All Pakistan Music Conference in Lahore, Sampoorna in Karachi, and concerts at the Bhavan's Cultural Centre and the Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre.

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