Indian Fusion Chamber Choir

Indian Fusion Chamber Choir

Indian Fusion Chamber Choir

The Indian fusion chamber choir enchants audiences worldwide with the calming and entrancing melodies of the Himalayas mixed with contemporary influences. The amazing male and female vocal choir has 12 singers, and five excellent musicians provide live music for them.
Many listeners throughout the world would have never experienced live music performance like that of the excellent Indian fusion chamber choir. This vocal choir has developed a flawless fusion of traditional Indian folk, Bollywood songs, Carnatic, Hindustani alaaps and swaras, and a generous influence from contemporary pop culture. They have done this by developing and stylizing their own distinct and distinctive style. The live music is authentic since it combines Indian and traditional folk instruments with other instruments like the bass, electric guitar, and drums.
The wonderful chamber orchestra, which places a strong emphasis on its origins, is an excellent choice for cultural events, festivals, and local attractions, as well as for business gatherings, weddings, and private events.
They may customise a mysterious collection of tracks for your event. The Indian Fusion Chamber Choir is equipped with a variety of formal, casual, and traditional stage costumes, so they can dress to impress or match the kind of event you're hiring them for.
This exceptional vocal choir, which is based in India, has reinvented its traditional sound to provide live music that will enthral listeners around.
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