Inflatable Horses Show | Parade Act

Inflatable Horses Show | Parade Act

Inflatable Horses Show | Parade Act

Embark on a journey into a fascinating universe! 3.5 m tall huge beautiful horses are puppeteered by simple mortals in the amazing exhibition "Horse Puppets France," which is cloaked in magic and mystery. This herd of horses may materialise out of thin air in a couple of minutes and is made of inflatable white and ivory materials. Watch as these fantastical, dreamy, magical beings dance through the streets, bringing to life fantastical, magical legends and myths. This extraordinary performance features lights, smoke, and ethereal music, along with other amazing elements that will enchant audiences of all ages. This act, which is incredibly adaptable, may appear as a herd of three to twelve horses and is equally at home performing in broad daylight as it is in the dead of night. The cast offers a range of line-ups, and the performances are completely customizable to each event. The traditional play features a musical parade, 3 to 18 characters, and a predetermined grand finale with a ringmaster persona. The conclusion is entirely optional, but it can be improved by including a 10 m long, helium-inflated Pegasus for a grand spectacle. If you're interested in hiring this act for an upcoming celebration, get in contact with our team of entertainment experts right away. They never fail to provide the WOW factor to any occasion.

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