International Techno Illusionist – Digital Magician Italy | 3D Video Mapping Italy

International Techno Illusionist – Digital Magician Italy | 3D Video Mapping Italy

International Techno Illusionist – Digital Magician Italy | 3D Video Mapping Italy

Smart magic is performed by this act at both public and private events. An elegantly simple show that is clever, lively, and inventive. This programme is one-of-a-kind and unique because it responds quickly to any circumstance.
In contrast to conventional magic performances, this act offers the chance to create a light show while including your company's logo. Creating an original presentation specifically for the occasion is a great way to add a touch of exclusivity to an event.
The "Youngest Wizard of Italy" performed his debut magic presentation at the age of just twelve for an international gala at the Casino Ruhl in Nice. At the Milan campus of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, he earned a degree in literature and philosophy in 2010. He made the decision to turn his passion into a career after graduating. He developed competence in prestidigitation, theatre, and illusion throughout the years, enabling him to perform successfully at conventions, seminars, gala dinners, and private parties. He also continues to hone and develop his abilities.
This act offers a range of performances in addition to Smart Magic, such as:
"Close-Up Magic," also known as magic performed in close proximity to the public and in front of their bewildered eyes, is magic that is performed at close range.
"Techno Show," a novel magic idea. created in 2013 to coincide with the International Furniture Fair and is displayed by LG Electronics there while the fair is taking place. This performance features illusions, brilliant visual performance, video projections, performance transformation, and laser performance.
His entire repertoire, including effects, is devoted to children in children's shows, which are full of colour and enchanted noises. In a show full of happiness and enjoyment, there will be surprises and laughter, and each performance can close with "balloon sculptures."
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