Jump Rope Team

Jump Rope Team

Jump Rope Team

This multi-award-winning jump rope team can perform every move and trick known to man. The British squad, which includes the top 7 "skippers" in the nation, holds numerous titles and world records, including making an appearance on Sky One and breaking the Guinness World Record twice!
They have performed in front of sizable crowds at media events, fitness competitions, and broadcasts on ITV, SKY, and Soccer AM. Along with collaborating with Girls Aloud and Myleene Class, she also appeared in the music videos "My heart skips a beat" by Olly Murs, "You give me Something" by James Morrison, and "Give it to me" by Madonna.
From complete novices to seasoned competitors, the team leads coaching workshops across the UK and Europe. While jump rope has grown in popularity in the industry, the girls have gathered a lot of experience.
Due to popular demand, Jump Rope Team UK skippers have entered the corporate and commercial sphere and continue to astound audiences with their incredible strength, fitness, coordination, and skills.

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