Kendama Freestyle Duo

Kendama Freestyle Duo

Kendama Freestyle Duo

This Kendama Freestyle Duet elevates their expertise and performance to the next level with innovative tricks and flawlessly timed duo performances, turning the wooden Japanese toy the Kendama into an urban phenomenon.
This talented Kendama Freestyle Duo effortlessly performs extremely difficult stunts and routines, elevating the straightforward yet addicting wooden skill toy to thrilling new heights.
The Kendama is a Japanese wooden toy that may be played by both young and old. It improves reflexes, balance, and hand-eye coordination. The Kendama features an exciting performance option that not only entertains audiences with high-octane performances but also gives them the chance to try it for themselves. It has unlimited trick possibilities for both beginner and advanced masters, such as our freestyler duet.
Our team of professionals offers Kendama workshops to participants of all ages, offering interesting activities and courses that will inspire and enthuse your guests to learn the Kendama.
The Kendama is made up of the "Ken" (handle) and the "Tama" (ball), which are connected by a string. Kendama tricks are performed by different variations of juggling the ball in the three cups, spiking the ball with the Ken spike, and balancing both in new and creative ways. Our Kendama Freestyle Duo have mastered the Kendama to the highest level.
Our Kendama Freestyle Duo provides audiences with the tools and motivation to be creative and learn a new skill, making them ideal for corporate events, private parties, themed events, theme parks, festivals, trade fair booths, and team building days.
Our Kendama Freestylers offer cutting-edge event entertainment that is incredibly successful for producing promotional films, campaigns, and advertisements. They are fantastic for creating bright and urban material for social media and marketing initiatives.
Contact our entertainment specialists right away to reserve our Kendama Freestyle Duo or to learn more about the different seminars and Kendama Freestylers.

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