Kiwiana Show New Zealand Agency New Zealand

Kiwiana Show New Zealand Agency New Zealand

Kiwiana Show New Zealand Agency New Zealand

For a stirring performance that includes a distinctly Kiwi bi-cultural pop/classical song, hire Kiwiana Show New Zealand. The concert, which has songs in both English and Maori, talks to the want we all have to return to our homes, whether they be material, psychological, or spiritual. This performance is sure to evoke an emotional response from your guests since it combines stunning voices from pop opera singers with routines from traditional Maori and Haka dancers.
This play, which features breathtaking tunes and stirring imagery, is indicative of New Zealand as a nation, its people, and the return to the lovely island.
The room fills with ambient fog as the lights dim and a single female enters.
Maori voice disturbs the stillness as beautiful images are projected onto projector screens and the lights change to blue and green to reflect the colours of New Zealand.
Our trio of pop opera singers enter the words "oeAotearoa ”" Greenstone Islands" before taking the stage to perform a stirring hymn that is distinctive to the group and integrates holy Haka thanks to the skills of the best Kapa Haka dancers in New Zealand.

This emotive performance, which represents a blending of cultures, is ideal for opening ceremonies, gala dinners, welcoming events, and any other occasion that calls for genuine New Zealand entertainment.

A fantastic environment will be created each time they perform because they have inaugurated the World Rowing Championships, the Britomart Precinct Centre in Auckland, as well as other prestigious events.

Contact our entertainment specialists to schedule our Kiwiana Show New Zealand or to view additional themes and performances by our vocal trio. check our page on Pop Opera Show.

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