Laser Harp Opera Show – Book Unique Act Ukraine

Laser Harp Opera Show – Book Unique Act Ukraine

Laser Harp Opera Show – Book Unique Act Ukraine

A really one-of-a-kind show, the amazing Laser Harp Opera Show is sure to make an impression at your event. An opera singer who also plays the laser harp is the only act of its kind in the entire globe in this avant-garde visual live music idea.
The ideal selection to astound your guests with something they have never seen before is this futuristic live music performance. The amazing light visuals complement the live music performance, which combines electronic and operatic elements. The opera singer enters the stage wearing an incredibly beautiful futuristic lighted attire, and the harp's laser beams have no bounds. The laser harp beams can be mirrored to radiate across the space or they can go as high as the sky. The performance may also feature breathtaking projections onto the stage.
A true live music performance is the Laser Harp Opera Show. The laser harp is actually played by the opera singer. Each beam is associated with a specific note, and the laser harp can produce an infinite variety of sounds, effects, and tricks due to a MIDI controller. Additional musicians can be added to the presentation for a broader sound, and special music can be learned for your occasion.
The professional Ukrainian opera singer and her entrancing voice are the centre of attention in this unique Laser Harp Opera Show. The soundtracks for the television programmes High Life, HD Fashion TV, and Madrid Fashion Week include her singing abilities.
The performance, which is based in Kiev, is ideal for gala dinners, award presentations, futuristic-themed events, technological brand launches, and several other wow-factor events anywhere in the world. The opera singer may also conduct a workshop on how to play the laser harp for your guests as an interactive experience.
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