LED Dance Floors – Event Furniture & Events UK

LED Dance Floors – Event Furniture & Events UK

LED Dance Floors – Event Furniture & Events UK

Our well-made dance floors and event furnishings can be reserved for events across the UK and are a practical yet stylish way to adorn your event venue. There are several types of dance floors here, including:
White LED dancing floor with stars
Black dance floor with LED stars
Dance floor with white and black stars in the background.
a hardwood dance floor
a dance floor with black and white checks.
The dancing floor is plain white.
simple, dark dance floor
For your event and venue, any of the aforementioned event flooring options can be customised to create walkways, aisles, or trails. A distinctive replacement for the red carpet, or a spectacular substitute for the procession to the altar! LED event furniture is a common extra that is positioned throughout each floor; lit poseur tables will enhance the ambiance while still being useful.
If you need a larger dance floor, this can be accommodated: The most popular sizes for plain and starlit event flooring range from 12 to 24 feet.
12ft x 12ft is suitable for approximately 100 guests, with approximately 35 guests dancing. 14ft x 14ft is suitable for approximately 150 guests, with approximately 45 guests dancing. 16ft x 16ft is suitable for approximately 200 guests, with approximately 60 guests dancing. 20ft x 20ft is suitable for approximately 300 guests, with approximately 105 guests dancing. 22ft x 22ft is suitable for approximately 400 guests, with approximately 150 guests.

LED dance floors with stars:
Every panel has 24 LEDs.
With just a remote control, the LEDs' pace and brightness may be adjusted in 6 different ways.
Event flooring that is safe and secure, water-resistant, and composed of non-slip acrylic plastic
12 foot ceilings
Available square and rectangular floors come in a variety of sizes.
Dance floor in black and white: These event flooring panels are 4 feet by 2 feet and can be set up in either a square or a rectangle.
12 foot ceilings
The ability to be customised in size to fit your venue and be used to make a dramatic walkway
Plain dance floor in black or white:
2 foot by 2 foot dance floor panels are available for both square and rectangular floors.
In 30 minutes, a 16' × 16' dance floor can be set up.
A rich and VIP feel is created at your event by the high quality finish.
Dance floor made of parquet: size options are available with 3 ft x 3 ft panels.
12 foot ceilings The majority of event furniture and locations complement wooden design.
12ft x 12ft is suitable for approximately 100 people, with approximately 35 people dancing; 15ft x 15ft is suitable for approximately 175 people, with approximately 50 people dancing; 18ft x 18ft is suitable for approximately 250 people, with approximately 80 people dancing; 21ft x 21ft is suitable for approximately 350 people, with approximately 125 people dancing; and 24ft x 24ft is suitable for approximately 450 people, with approximately 200 people dancing.
All of the aforementioned choices can be reserved together with a selection of event furnishings that can be modified to fit your preferred dance floor.

You will receive delivery, installation, and complete setup of each LED dance floor and event flooring option, as well as a demonstration of the lighting remotes for the starlit LED dance floors.

Contact our Events Team to learn more about our LED dance floors and event furnishings. They can help you with the booking process and provide any other information you may need.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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