LED Drummer – Book LED Drum Show | Rome

LED Drummer – Book LED Drum Show | Rome

LED Drummer – Book LED Drum Show | Rome

Our LED Drummer Italy is a unique percussionist with a brilliant, futuristic costume and a light-up electric drum kit. He generates a tremendous buzz at a variety of occasions. He uses lively dance music to produce an amazing LED drum show. Cool performer The LED Drummer Italy makes drumming enjoyable and cutting-edge.
This LED drummer is a master of introductions. To energise the crowd, he enters the stage and fires a CO2 cannon into it. If the customer desires, this can be done repeatedly during the event. Then he performs an electrifying LED drum show with dance music that will have everyone up and moving. The unconventional percussionist puts on a visually stunning live performance that gives guests an unforgettable experience.

The percussionist has a standout LED costume as well as incredible LED drumming props and instruments that really glow bright when the stage lighting is dimmed in order to make his drum show stand out. To play along with the backing tracks, he employs an electric drumkit with sample-triggered percussion.
Live music venues benefit from the visual entertainment provided by our LED Drummer Italy. Clubs, private parties, festivals, technology events, and more are excellent venues for the LED drum performance.
Top Tip: An uncommon percussionist is available as a fire drummer if you don't want to add a spark to his drum.
The LED drummer is based in Rome and is accessible for all kinds of events across the world. If this LED drum performance is ideal for your event, get in touch with our entertainment specialists.

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