Led Drummers

Led Drummers

Led Drummers

Hire LED drummers to impress your visitors.
Our LED Drummers perform a mystical live music, dance, and lighting extravaganza in which a number of enigmatic characters made of light and sound change the surroundings. The LED drumming ensemble uses high-impact drumming, dynamic dancing, gorgeous lighting design, and fantasy costumes to transport the audience on a colourful dreamy journey.
Walkabout LED drummers are generating an engaging environment.
The LED Drummers constantly change the show's main point while engaging with and encircling the audience to make them feel engrossed in the drama playing out in front of them. The performance steadily intensifies and reaches a dramatic conclusion with light, sound, movement, and smoke.
LED drum show with your own design for every event
The LED drummers show is made to be very flexible for audiences in a range of places, including on the street, in a town square, a park, on stage, and indoors, with a medium-scale site-specific production. The LED Drumming ensemble will provide a spectacular touch to any event, from a corporate gathering to a carnival parade.
For events across the world, hire the LED Drummers.
International audiences of all ages can enjoy the show. The only factor limiting the size of the audience is the setting in which the show is presented. The LED Drummers are entirely independent. The show has few technological needs and the percussionists are free to move about as they choose because all the lighting and power supply are integrated into the costumes and wirelessly controlled.
Contact our team of entertainment specialists to learn more about how to reserve this WOW factor entertainment option, and they will be pleased to go over the LED drumming group in more detail.

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