LED Violin Duo Show – Book Electric Violinists | France

LED Violin Duo Show – Book Electric Violinists | France

LED Violin Duo Show – Book Electric Violinists | France

Your guests will be amazed by the mesmerising visual and acoustic experience of the LED violin duo show. The high-impact LED violin display performed by the two expert female electric violinists is both enjoyable to watch and energising to dance to.
The LED Violin Duo Show is performed by two talented musicians from Paris. They are not only incredibly skilled violinists, but they also know just how to create a powerful performance that will dazzle audience members and leave a lasting impression at your event. They light up the stage, play live music, and perform choreographed dance routines.
Custom clear electric violins and bows with built-in LED lighting are used by the LED Violin Duo. Both of the electric violinists arrive in opulent white outfits covered in LED lights. It is possible to programme lights to sync up with both the music and other lights. В
The LED violin show can be performed live music or, more frequently, top-notch live back tracks. The electric violinists perform their parts live and offer their patrons a tremendously varied repertoire of songs and genres to choose from. You can anticipate hearing a range of classical music, pop, Celtic, dance, house, and gypsy music styles when you reserve the LED Violin Duo Show.
High-end events, private parties, after-dinner concerts, technological events, and many other settings are perfect for this LED violin display. To hire them for your event, get in touch with the Bella Entertainment staff.

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