Magic Food Service Experience

Magic Food Service Experience

Magic Food Service Experience

Dinner table entertainment that will be remembered is at the heart of our brilliantly original Magic Food Service Experience. With this surprise performance, our magician from United States creates a magical moment that will wow your visitors.
With the Magic Food Service Experience, our United States magician performs a surprise act in which he can use a dinner cloche to magically emerge a completely cooked plate of food before the eyes of your guests while dressing as a magic waiter and other venue employees. Your guests will be astonished and thoroughly entertained by this lighthearted and playful dinner table entertainment, which is absolutely unexpected. After serving the food, the magic waiter can continue to dazzle the guests by doing close-up magic with the aid of napkins, candles, salt, or silverware.
There are two ways to perform the surprise act. One alternative is to have the dinner cloche be closed and then opened again for the reveal once the magic waiter has shown a picture of the food within. Our Magic Food Service Experience also offers the more stunning option of opening the cloche to reveal raw ingredients. After lighting it on fire with alcohol, the magic waiter closes and reopens the cloche to show a newly prepared supper.
For private dinner parties, business lunches, special occasions, as well as events in hotels and restaurants, the United States Magician's surprise act is ideal. You can reserve The Magic Food Service Experience as a practical joke or as dinner-table entertainment for a brand-new restaurant.
Please get in touch with us to reserve this surprise act if you wish to wow your guests at the dinner table. If you'd like, the magician from United States might even end your event with a complete stage performance.

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