Melbourne Mirror People – Book Walkabout Act | Australia

Melbourne Mirror People – Book Walkabout Act | Australia

Melbourne Mirror People – Book Walkabout Act | Australia

They interact with one another, dance, and pose. Any occasion benefits from the sparkle and unique enjoyment that The Melbourne Mirror People bring. This intriguing walkabout act is one of the best interactive entertainment options available today and is quite memorable. В
You may hire this elegant duo for just about any occasion type, with a choice of both male and female mirror persons. The Melbourne Mirror People can perform as human statues, dancers, meet-and-greet guests, or walkabout acts. The captivating mirror people are a favourite among visitors and are frequently surrounded by crowds of people who want their pictures taken with them. В
The outfits worn by The Melbourne Mirror People are very stunning and comprise thousands of small reflected mirrors. While the walkabout act reflects sunlight during the day, during nighttime events like nightclubs, inside lighting and lasers transform the mirror people into glitter balls the size of humans. They are slick, fashionable, and appear equally at home on the red carpet as they do at a mall.
This participatory entertainment is appropriate for a variety of events, including festivals, brand launches, corporate events, and street parades. This extremely adaptable walkabout act interacts with audience members and creates an unforgettable experience. These mirror people are an excellent option if you're planning a family-friendly event, a product launch, an award ceremony, or you just want to provide interactive entertainment. В
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