Online Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Online Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Online Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

1. What should I anticipate from this online workshop on Chinese calligraphy? a sample of Chinese culture from the past! Our virtual calligrapher will greet participants in this online workshop by providing a quick overview of Chinese calligraphy before giving a brief demonstration. The participants will learn how to write their names or lucky Chinese proverbs. On request, specific words and phrases are available. 2. Is the online Chinese calligraphy course recorded or live? This is a live event that is being streamed in real-time on Zoom, allowing internet visitors to speak with and ask questions to our amazing calligrapher. Please call to discuss the possibility of pre-recorded content. 3. What am I required to participate? A Pentel Arts Portable Pocket Brush Pen with refills and calligraphy rice paper are required for online visitors. For an extra cost, this can be developed and distributed to attendees before the virtual event. Requests for full details will receive them. 4. How long is the online course in Chinese calligraphy? Depending on the number of attendees and your virtual event schedule, this could be 30, 60, or 90 minutes. 5. How many people can participate? This is dependent upon the video conferencing platform selected to hold the event. For the best interaction and engagement on Zoom, we'd advise having no more than 50 people present. 6. Does this online workshop have an English version? В Yes! Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, as well as French, are all spoken by our artist.

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