Opera Garnier Tour

Opera Garnier Tour

Opera Garnier Tour

Take your guests on a fascinating group tour of the Opera Garnier's public rooms by scheduling a behind-the-scenes opera tour of the Palais Garnier. We offer our exclusive tour as the excellent option for your customised entertainment in Paris and as the ideal team-building activity for your team incentive trip.
The Secret Scent of the Opera, a captivating operatic tale told by former corps de ballet member Cecile Saglia, will amaze you as you on a beautiful tour of the Palais Garnier. Your group will have the exceptional chance to explore a work of art in architecture right in the middle of Paris while going on a secret tour.
We offer our unique tour as the ideal opportunity for team building at your party.
Your visitors will be welcomed to take part in a 90-minute tour led by Cecile Saglia, who became an usher after suffering a devastating fall down the Opera Garnier's grand staircase. She will recount the fabled exploits of renowned dancer Selma Dagelsson, who lived in the 1930s. In the incredibly beautiful Palais Garnier, the story will be even more entrancing when it is told behind closed doors.
The captivating story and guided tour will take place in the Opera Garnier, which will be deserted after closing time. Your guests will be enthralled as they climb the double staircase of the Grand Escalier and wonder at the vast paintings and sculptures. With its red velvet curtains and exotic scents, this elaborate temple will enchant your group with its charms and spells. A fascinating trip that blends culture and history that is sure to leave a lasting effect on your visitors.
We offer our enduring look into the inner workings of the Opera Garnier as a distinctive group tour experience that will make your personalised entertainment stand out.
Practical Advice
1 hour 30 minutes.
30 maximum people
Every tour has a qualified tour leader (English or French speaking)
From mid-September to mid-July, you have exclusive access after hours.
Client will plan the transportation
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