Recycled Percussion Show

Recycled Percussion Show

Recycled Percussion Show

This amazing musical stage production combines artistic and educational components to produce a very engaging musical presentation that will not only amuse but also raise awareness of a worrisome issue that challenges us all — effectively decreasing domestic and business waste.
Our incredible recycled percussion show was created and is performed by a professional percussion group. It is a musical piece with a philosophy and is the ideal choice to book for events with a green, eco, or sustainable theme. A high-energy percussive performance that will astound audiences brings to life the entire plot, which is based on the idea "Harness all that we can and use our ingenuity to make what we need." Oil drums, plastic bottles, angle grinders, pipes, toilet seats, wooden spoons, and much more are transformed into recycled musical instruments!
Our drumming group starts this percussion performance with a simple stage setup and gradually introduces things into their choreographed urban dance performance as they show how anything can be done with one's environment, including joy, art, and in this case music. Book our recycled percussion show for corporate parties and award ceremonies in Madrid and throughout the world, as well as for festivals and events with a topical focus. This interesting live music performance will attract worldwide audiences of all ages.
Get in contact with our entertainment coordinators to discuss how a stage show appropriate for any event that intends to highlight important issues like recycling and sustainability, as well as current trends within a variety of different social disciplines, could operate within the context of your event.

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