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Ramadan Entertainment United States

Arabic Band

Arabic Band 4 people with singer, oud, violinist and qanun player, we can add more musicians!

Arabic Oud

Leader for Arabic band and music teacher Khaled played more than 13 years in most of the Emirates hotels in residencies as well as festivals inside and outside the country and participated in many major national events in the Emirates

Arabic Violin

He is a wonderfully talented Violinist who played for more than 13 years in the . His repertoire encompasses everything from famous classical music to popular songs, well loved Arabic classics to inspired improvisation in an Arabic style over backing track. While his playing is warm and expressive, so is his personality. He is happy to wander through the guests using his natural charm to draw spectators closer.

Arabic Qanun

The Qanoon, was and still is, at the forefront of the rich heritage of Arabic musical instruments and is often regarded as a requisite to other Arabic musical instruments and the center point of the orchestra, and when played in an orchestra or ensemble it sweeps up all the other instruments and leads them on, which is very similar to the importance of piano in the west, which is considered as an indispensable instruments in any orchestra.

This solo performance will dazzle the audience and ensure that spectators stop to listen to these magic tunes.

Arabic Oud & Violin

Mesmerizingly emotional Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and North African solo and ensemble music, Acoustic and Cinematic, featuring Oud and Violin.

Ayallah Dancer

Generally known as the ‘stick dance’, this traditional fascinating folk dance is accompanied by drumming and performed by two rows of dancers facing one another. Dancers are positioned close together in rows, signifying the unity and co-operation amongst tribal people. Although it is difficult to determine the date its inception between Arab tribes it is believed that Al Ayallah Dance was performed mainly after victory in war/battle and was carried out by members of the victorious tribe. We can provide also aladin and emirati mascots!

Razef Dancers

This upbeat dance was traditionally performed to celebrate good events.

It is one of the most important types of arts Badia. And is a manifestation of the bully and personal power and prestige. It also represents a sign of Arabic equestrian, as it is the art of special men and performance devoid of any element of Women, where two rows of standing men at least the number of each, usually, five of the men.

In comparison to the Ayallah dancers, the Razef rhythm is much faster and might sound “less coordinated” to the western ear. Nevertheless it is a performance that certainly draws attention to the artists

Henna Painting

Henna (Arabic: حن َِّاء ( is a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis, also known as hina, the henna tree, the mignonette tree, and the Egyptian privet, the sole species of the genus Lawsonia. Henna has been used to adorn young women’s bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean. In Egypt, Henna is an Ancient tradition practised among women on many occasions.
The art of applying henna to the hands and feet is known as Mehndi, and is traditionally used for celebrations and rites of passage. Every culture and region of the world uses henna tattoos in its own unique way. For Hindu weddings, henna is painted on the bride to symbolize joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering, while Moroccans often paint doors with henna to bring prosperity and chase away evil. Depending on where you get henna tattoos, they will look different. Indian tattoos feature fine lines and floral patterns, while Arabic henna designs tend to be larger in scale and African henna patterns are more bold and geometric

Falcon Display

A symbol of national pride and heritage the falcon embodies the true spirit of the . The falcon display is a demonstration of the birds’ grace and beauty and also the perfect opportunity for visitors to have their photograph taken alongside these majestic creatures.

Kids Arts & Crafts

Super heroes, clowns, tigers, turtles or even the famous F1 or Ferrari logo, kids will love feeling part of the atmosphere with these creative face painting offers.

In a designated area supervised by craft-enthusiasts, children will be let loose on creating all sorts of F1 paraphernalia, such as colouring in, flag-making and more as well as -themed items.

Lugaimat Serving

This fried-dough-ball is one of the most famous Emirati deserts and can be eaten any time.

Served with Dihps, the delicious date syrup, make these little snacks irresistible. Guests will have a heard time leaving this stand.

Story Teller

Story telling has been a tool to preserve the rich Emirati culture and heritage for many years by passing on knowledge through story telling.

The story teller will send the kid’s back in time and release them with more knowledge into the future.

Date Expert

Dates are a highly nutritious food in the that already carried the Bedouins long ways through the Arabian desert. Nowadays the date resembles a sign of Emirati hospitality as it will always be offered along with coffee when entering an Emirati home.

There are so many different kinds of dates. Selected types will be explained through the date expert.


The art of calligraphy performed during the Formula 1 weekend for the audience to take home long lasting memories of their trip to .

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