Robot Waiter – Hire Robots For Events in Spain | Seville

Robot Waiter – Hire Robots For Events in Spain | Seville

Robot Waiter – Hire Robots For Events in Spain | Seville

Make sure your special occasion is remembered by hiring robots for it! This Robot Waiter is certain to spark conversation among your guests right away. This unique bartender is the ideal approach to serve your existing clients well and win over new ones.
With his wide eyes, pleasant appearance, and amiable demeanour, our robot bartender easily captures the interest of both kids and adults. He offers customers beers, wines, and other libations in addition to making a thousand various drinks and cocktails. This particular bartender is quick and precise, and she can mix a drink in under a minute! The only thing your visitors will need to do is select the drinks they want using the robot's touchscreen.
Additionally, the humanoid robot waiter may be customised with your brand's logo or any other image, and he can dress in any branded apparel.
Our amazing humanoid robot had a guest appearance on television on El Hormiguero, one of Spain's most watched TV networks. As you can see in the images up top, this charming robot bartender has also been the focal point of several advertising events hosted by well-known companies like Media Markt.
Everything a human waiter can do, says our robotics experts, "this robot bartender can do." Our team of professionals is an expert in robotic technology for events and specialises in creating imaginative and amiable humanoid robots. The Seville-based team that has won numerous awards also operates in Madrid, Barcelona, London, and United States. Robots from our team, including a humanoid robot waiter, can be rented for events anywhere in the world.
Our robot bartender is frequently engaged for promotional events, corporate events, drinks receptions, hotels, cocktail bars, exhibitions, and even weddings because he is suitable for a wide range of events. Due to our robot waiter's capacity to draw a sizable crowd to him, robotic technology for events is also a popular choice for shopping malls!
We take great delight in offering the most cutting-edge robotic technology for events and occasions in Spain and throughout the world at Bella Entertainment.
Hire robots for your events to create buzz about them for years to come. Please contact us and ask to talk to an entertainment coordinator if you would like to reserve our fantastic Robot Waiter. They would be pleased to help you with the booking procedure and provide further information on various forms of robotic technology for events.

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