Rollerskating Duo Amsterdam – Skating Dancers | Entertainment Agency

Rollerskating Duo Amsterdam – Skating Dancers | Entertainment Agency

Rollerskating Duo Amsterdam – Skating Dancers | Entertainment Agency

The world's top booking agency, Bella Entertainment, collaborates with well-known clients and artists to produce the most thrilling, motivational events possible. We can work closely with you to locate the best entertainment option for your special occasion thanks to our committed staff of expert sales coordinators.
Two of the top rollerbladers in the world make up Our Rollerskating Duo Amsterdam, an exhilarating stunt rollerblading performance. Our dancers on rollerskates deliver enthralling event entertainment with their exceptional choreography, which incorporates music, passion, and danger. These skating dancers, who are adored by both young and old, are sure to enthral audiences.
This combo, a third-generation roller skating performance, includes the son of a prominent roller skating family. One of the most sought-after skate acts in the world, these exhilarating rollerskaters are joined on stage by Stephanie, the stunning daughter of an oil tycoon.
The Process:
This show features spectacular stunts, raunchy costumes, and a dramatic soundtrack while being performed on a 2 × 2 metre podium. In contrast to the majority of other skater dancers, our gifted performers not only offer eye-catching entertainment but also live singing to go along with their routines. You will be in awe of both skating dancers' acrobatic ability as they spin about at rapid speeds. Visitors will be in awe when these performers take the stage as they strike incredible positions like Stephanie putting her legs over her male partner's neck.
Our seasoned rollerskating act knows just how to captivate an audience, having performed all over the world at incredible events like Thailand's International Motor Show, Spain's Circo De los Horres, and Edinburgh Festival's La Clique. Expect throbbing energy from Rollerskating Duo Amsterdam, a distinctive entertainment act for corporate events, festivals, and private parties.
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