Singing Waiters Switzerland

Singing Waiters Switzerland

Singing Waiters Switzerland

Talented musicians and singers from Switzerland's Surprise Singing Waiters offer top-notch musical entertainment for every occasion. These "waiters" are, of course, by no means regular; they are graduates of prestigious musical institutions in Europe, and they are seasoned veterans in the field of classical music, opera, and theatre. The concept of their show requires them to "surprise" guests with their classical music and operatic talents, even as they are initially perceived as regular waiters of the establishment.
At first, the guests will be amazed and wonder if the singer is drunk, crazy, or just trying to get fired on the spot while their singers, dressed as waiters, serve Champagne, eat delicious food, and chat about the latest news or the weather. Of course, after a few notes, they will realise that it is actually one of their waiters singing among the guests.
The ensemble has played for corporate clients, hotels, and eateries like Bentley, Altenburger LTD, and Hotel Les Nations all around Switzerland and Europe.

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