Soul Fusion Quartet Italy – Hire Function Band

Soul Fusion Quartet Italy – Hire Function Band

Soul Fusion Quartet Italy – Hire Function Band

Our top-notch soul and R&B quartet from Italy consists of four incredibly talented musicians who have years of experience performing live music for diverse audience kinds and working with several other performers. They are a very high calibre function band you should choose for your event due to their faultless performances and well polished interpretations of well-known tunes.
Italy's Soul and R&B Quartet consists of a keyboardist, a guitarist, and two extremely talented singers. The mix of excellent musicians, both male and female singers, and high-quality background tracks results in a successful live music alternative appropriate for a number of event kinds. They provide their services for occasions including weddings, business gatherings, after-parties, and lounge bars, and we believe they would be a truly elegant choice for high-profile clients.
The songs they perform are interpretations of current and popular songs from across the decades as well as some of their own compositions. Their live performances are a direct result of their enthusiasm for all things soul music. The function band creates a very dynamic, sleek, and pleasurable experience by fusing soul with neo-soul, R&B, jazz, and electronic music.
The soul and R&B quartet can perform with the force of a full band in more odd and exotic settings, such boats and private bars, thanks to their relatively compact setup.

The soul and R&B quartet Italy, based in Verona, is available for events all around the world. Contact us and ask to talk with a representative from Italy if you want to hire the soul band for your gathering or party.

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