Stunt Show Paris – Book Motorcycle Stunt Show France

Stunt Show Paris – Book Motorcycle Stunt Show France

Stunt Show Paris – Book Motorcycle Stunt Show France

Look no farther than our spectacular motorcycle stunt show from France if you're seeking for explosive entertainment to energise and excite the crowd at your event.
With origins dating back to the early 1920s, this family of daredevils is the first in Europe to perform the Globe of Death. They have since grown to include more than 20 riders from over the globe who undertake jaw-dropping exploits that combine superior driving abilities with unmatched daring!
In addition to "The First Double Globe of Death" in 2012, "The First Invisible Wall of Death" in 2013, and "Mega Globe," the largest globe of death in the world that can fit up to 13 motorcycle stunt artists, our spectacular stunt show team holds numerous Guinness World Records dating back to 1987!
Book our intense stunt performance to really wow your audience at your event. It is adrenaline-pumping, breathtaking, and completely jaw-dropping. Additional customization options for our stunt performance in Paris include show length, the amount of riders, and the soundtrack. Following in the footsteps of celebrities like Richard Hammond, Nicole Sherzinger, and Paul O'Grady, you can also invite a VIP of your choice inside the globe throughout the performance.
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Contact one of our qualified entertainment consultants who can walk you through all the specifics, including cage size, technical and safety standards, set up and takedown times, and unique alternatives.

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