Surprise Singing Waiters Show

Surprise Singing Waiters Show

Surprise Singing Waiters Show

This is a unique surprise performance. All of your guests will be surprised by the four dynamic performers who will serve as the MC, entertainer, guest wife, and guest husband.
Two actors will pose as a couple seated among the guests in this wholly original and incredibly amusing hoax show. They will step in and dazzle guests with their outstanding vocal abilities when the entertainer goes missing and declines to perform; of course, the MC is there to arrange the drama! When the entertainment returns and the MC takes over, your unaware guests will be supporting what they still believe to be other guests! This unexpected performance will turn your gathering into a singing frenzy thanks to a seemingly accidental occurrence!
It is guaranteed to be the ultimate high point of your event. A fantastic performance with a remarkable mix of songs, including big band classics, epic ballads, opera, and a moving Peter Allen Australiana climax. If you're planning a corporate dinner, wedding, special occasion, or celebration, this amazing quartet will ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.
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