Team Racing Car Challenge – Book Team Building Activity UK

Team Racing Car Challenge – Book Team Building Activity UK

Team Racing Car Challenge – Book Team Building Activity UK

The team racing car challenge is a fantastic team-building exercise that participants won't soon forget, as well as a wonderful chance for individuals to get to know one another better. Participants in the workshop with a motorsports theme learn about the excitement, preparation, and teamwork required for speed racing.
The all-inclusive motivational experience may be scheduled for two hours or up to a full day and is a fantastically memorable team building activity. The possibilities are practically unlimited because the team event is available for groups of 20 all the way up to 250, and it can even accommodate larger number.
Each team participating in the team racing car challenge will have a simulator that will serve as their vehicle throughout the race, which is organised similarly to the F1 season. The teams must divide up roles during practise and be given enough time in the pit car and simulators to develop their plans. The teams must also complete a marketing strategy that takes into account the look of the car, the team's ideals, and some driver instruction using the Batak to improve their reflexes and peripheral vision.
The live race, where one driver from each group will be in the racing simulator while everyone else has a chance to take laps, is the team event's main highlight. In the motorsports-themed team-building activity, there are several pit stops that greatly motivate the groups to cooperate to accomplish objectives.
Each team receives an accurate score after the team racing car challenge, which records all points earned. Points might be extremely near to one another, which heightens the delegate competition.
Lunch will be served as part of the full-day motivational experience, which also has a massive Scalextric circuit for a high-intensity start. The pit stop challenge can be scheduled separately as a group activity with up to 16 individuals gathered around the automobile at once. Depending on the number of teams, this motorsports-themed exercise lasts about 20 minutes each group.
Booking Advice:
Amazingly unforgettable team-building exercise
obtainable for a full day or two hours
Available separately: Pit Stop, Batak, and Scalextric tracks
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