Torch Bearing Stilt Walkers – Book Walkabout Act | UK

Torch Bearing Stilt Walkers – Book Walkabout Act | UK

Torch Bearing Stilt Walkers – Book Walkabout Act | UK

A beautiful and incredibly exquisite walkabout act that can be adapted to fit a variety of event themes are the spectacular Torch Bearing Stilt Walkers. Each of the glitzy stilt walkers had Greek Goddess-like beauty, spectacular headpieces, opulent long white satin costumes adorned with Swarovski crystals, and, of course, long golden burning torches.
The extremely sophisticated Torch Bearing Stilt Walkers are particularly well suited for red carpet events and welcoming VIPs to your party because of their high level of elegance. The unique and artistically stunning costumes are inspired on historical Greek and Roman figures, with Olympic torch bearers serving as a major visual influence. Because of this, these glam stilt walkers are perfect for a number of sporting events as well as ones with Greek, Roman, white, or even fantastical themes.
The elegant stilt walkers can be hired as a fantastic walkabout show or to meet and greet guests as they arrive at your event. The burning torches are especially useful for events that take place at night since they draw attention to the stilt walkers and can be utilised to light the path. You can be sure that because of the couple's attractive appearance, your guests will want to pause so they can snap a photo with them.
The Brighton-based Torch Bearing Stilt Walkers are available for bookings both domestically and abroad.
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