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Book Football Freestyling

Book Football Freestyling

Present a Special Football Juggling Act to Astound Your Guests. The artist, who was born in Argentina but is now living in Spain, has developed a unique football juggling show that combines football freestyling, acrobatics, and a healthy dosage of humour. He always puts on a powerful performance since he is a natural showman.
The Unique Football Juggling Act, which has received widespread recognition worldwide, has visited more than 50 nations, including United States, Belgium, Turkey, Hong Kong, Australia, India, and the USA. Our artist holds five Guinness World Records for football tricks, including the most footballs juggled, the most footballs rolled around the face in a minute, and the longest duration to spin a football on the forehead.
The football juggler has created a number of shows, such as:
He earned the Performer of the Year prize in Sweden's Rampljuset TV competition for his extremely dynamic and powerful performance known as "football freestyling," which has garnered him numerous awards, been broadcast on television, and been included on multiple award shows. This varies in length and includes juggling, football stunts, and other things.
Comedy Show - Comparable to the freestyle show but considerably more focused on family entertainment. ideal for outdoor settings, events, street fairs, etc.
Freestyle Vintage Football  - They are dressed in vintage clothing, and all of their antics are coordinated to the Lindy Hop.
Additionally, the football juggler is accessible for quick performances, interactive shows, and advertising campaigns.

He has worked with a wide range of companies in the past, such as Puma, Fifa, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ikea, MTV, F1, Dubfest United States, Puma, and Nike.
To learn more or to reserve the Unique Football Juggling Act for your forthcoming event, get in touch with our team of entertainment coordinators.

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