Virtual Italian Wine Tasting

Virtual Italian Wine Tasting

Virtual Italian Wine Tasting

What is covered in the workshop, question 1? As you partake in a virtual wine tasting from the charming Montepulciano, observe and listen to our Italian sommelier's commentary. You will learn about the wines of il Conventowhile, as well as the history of Gattavecchiand. The history of the winery and the town of Montepulciano will be covered in either a screen share or a virtual tour led by our sommelier. She will then lead you as you taste the three wines you were given in advance of the virtual event. 2. In what location will the workshop be held? The Montepulciano villa will serve as the venue for the wine tasting workshop. Your guests will receive the workshop via zoom. Prior to the event, a zoom link will be emailed to your visitors. How long is the workshop, exactly? The informative wine tasting lesson will take roughly 1.5 hours. 4. What platform will be used for the workshop? The workshop will be held on Zoom, and our Italian sommelier will be the host. 5. Which language will be used for the workshop? Depending on your needs, the session can be in either Italian or English. 6. Will the attendees be able to participate in the workshop? Yes, while the sommelier is explaining the various tasting techniques to you, your visitors are welcome to ask questions.

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