Virtual Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Virtual Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Virtual Women’s Empowerment Workshop

During her time at Viacom, Cally played a key role in the development of "employee affinity groups," which attempted to encourage a more inclusive workplace culture. These included "HERE" for women and "ParentHood" for working parents because the author is a single parent. В Working for a gender-neutral environment has been a recurring theme in Cally's professional life. She is a walking, talking champion for reinvention and doing "one thing every day that scares you." Cally works in a variety of businesses as a mentor and advocate for gender equality. Join Cally in celebrating International Women's Day digitally. She can discuss any of the following issues pertaining to women's empowerment: Gender bias: Distinguishing myths from reality Finding sponsors and allies in the corporate world The real story behind imposter syndrome developing momentum inside an organisation and enhancing executive presence deciding to make a real change The strength of exposure EQ over IQ: Emotional intelligence turning the volume up on yourself (rather than trying to be someone else) Adequate assertiveness and engaging in challenging conversations Professional and personal wellbeing in balance Celebration of shortcomings, anxieties, and f-ups Online users will gain knowledge about the actions they may take to support more varied and inclusive surroundings, champion gender equality, and uphold, strengthen, or build their sense of self. Online visitors are welcome to participate in a live Q&A with Cally as well.

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