Voca People

Voca People

Voca People

Give your audience an absolutely out-of-this-world a cappella music experience by booking the Voca People. Our amazing a cappella stage production has received raving reviews from all over the world and is sure to thrill and dazzle audiences. The incredible vocals of our vocal group will astound and thrill your audience as they perform some of the biggest hits in music a cappella.
The enormous variety of songs in breath-taking new vocal arrangements, the stunning costumes, and the generous amount of audience participation in this humorous and creative stage production will have your guests singing and laughing along. This enchanted and wholly original musical production has dazzled millions worldwide and appeared on TV stations in dozens of nations.
Our amazing a cappella stage production tells the tale of the Voca People, amiable extraterrestrials from the planet Voca who can only interact vocally and through music. These weird musical beings have crashed-landed on earth and discovered that their spacecraft has run out of power; music's energy is the only thing that can recharge it. Join the Voca People in an amazing musical production as they explore Earth's noises and melodies in a humorous and enthralling theatrical production.
The guests will enjoy our performers' funny antics and be astounded by the variety of sounds and facial emotions they can produce with their voices. This vocal ensemble elevates a cappella music with their dynamic and engaging performances that span a wide spectrum of musical genres, from Madonna to Mozart.
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