White Angel Stilt Walkers – Hire Female Stilt Walkers Australia

White Angel Stilt Walkers – Hire Female Stilt Walkers Australia

White Angel Stilt Walkers – Hire Female Stilt Walkers Australia

The height of luxury is represented by the opulent and magnificent White Angel Stilt Walkers. The amazing white costumes worn by these magnificent female stilt walkers have halos and exquisitely sculpted, specially created 5 foot angel wings. The walkabout act is made wonderfully angelic by the lovely flowing white sheffon skirts and gold accessories.
Any event's highlight and visual focal point, the charming walkabout angels will awe the attendees. The stilt walkers, who tower over the crowd at an impressive 8 feet tall, are a must-see attraction. Instead of angel wings, several costumes are available with LED wings.
The White Angel Stilt Walkers are in high demand for weddings in and around Melbourne. They will wander around and socialise with the guests while providing an excellent photo opportunity for friends and family. Apart from wedding-related events, the walkabout angels make a lovely booking for Christmas or holiday celebrations, white-themed parties, and any opulent event or business gathering.
Our female stilt walkers are a group of exceptionally talented performers with an Australian base who love to show off in a range of themed outfits at events and engage with the audience. You can be sure that the female stilt walkers will provide a polished and incredibly adaptable walkabout act for your event because they have backgrounds in dance, modelling, acting, gymnastics, circus, and gymnastics.
If you are interested in renting this fantastic walkabout act for your event, get in touch with our entertainment coordinators.

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