Wine And Insect Tasting France

Wine And Insect Tasting France

Wine And Insect Tasting France

In the South West of France, surprise your guests with a unique taste experience. Our seasoned sommeliers have devised tasting workshops in collaboration with regional vendors that are educational and, in certain cases, will test your guests' fortitude and ability to face their anxieties of trying something new. An excellent icebreaker, networking opportunity, or team-building activity that gets individuals talking to one another and offers them something in common to discuss regardless of hobbies.
This alternate wine tasting is typically designed for groups of about 20, but larger or smaller groups can participate upon request. The game lasts for an hour and a half and can be customised with challenges and quizzes to focus on team building.
During our wine and bug tasting experience, a qualified sommelier instructs the clients on wine tasting methods so they may comprehend and enjoy the various wines. Three distinct wines are being tasted in this wine tasting over three stages. As visitors move through the process, it involves a variety of senses as well as analysis and emotional expression. The session's very instructional segment on oenology, the science of winemaking, is also included.
As we go on to trying insects, your visitors will have the opportunity to show their real colours in the following more unconventional tasting experience. You will sample three different crispy aperitif insects with the help of your host. The genuine team building activity begins at this point since some guests may be reluctant to participate, but other team members' support and motivation will spur them on to new heights.
The Wine and Insect Tasting Workshop travels to your preferred location or destination in the South West of France and provides the wines, glasses, insects with bowls, and picks. Your boardroom, a restaurant, or even one of the nearby wineries could be suggested.
Booking Advice
You can partake in a wine and insect tasting at the location of your choice.
The tasting workshop provides all necessary equipment.
includes three sorts of insects and three wines
A customer can select wine based on area
A excellent team-building exercise is an unusual tasting experience.
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