1940s Style Swing Trio – Vintage Harmony Glamour Trio

1940s Style Swing Trio – Vintage Harmony Glamour Trio

1940s Style Swing Trio – Vintage Harmony Glamour Trio

This glossy Vintage Swing Trio is defined by killer heels, Marilyn Monroe's curves, and timeless harmonies. They have been asked to join the musical front line to enthral ladies and gentlemen throughout the globe who are keen to enjoy some swing. The Battle Proms summer concerts, Armed Forces celebrations, and any other type of event with a wartime theme are ideal venues for this female swing band.
Whether it was a big corporate function, a small underground club, a public event, or a private party, they have all done it and worn the pencil skirt. Our pin-up girls trio has performed for upscale companies like Tiffany's, Mercedes-Benz, and British Airways as well as in a number of illustrious hotels like The Grosvenor, The Ritz, and The Hilton, to name a few. They enjoy singing in front of large crowds, having done so during the 2012 FA Cup Final at Wembley.
Our vintage harmony trio will produce the ideal mood for the era, having recently won the "Best Vintage Style Musical Performer Category" at The National Vintage Awards. The girls sing everything from floor-filling hits from contemporary chart toppers to toe-tapping classics by great wartime songbirds. All of it is sung with the elegance and glitz of the 1940s.
With their contemporary homage to the Andrew Sisters and their imaginative production using vintage microphones and pin-up clothing, they offer an extra dash of nostalgia. With their specially created Jubilee gowns and Union Jack pillbox hats, this antique music trio has performed in front of 100,000 spectators!
Performances with a male vintage band and bookings with their "trolley dolly" act, which is especially suited for outdoor events like music festivals or air displays, are among of their most well-liked line-ups.
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