Dance Performances

Dance Performances

Dance Performances


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Bella Entertainment has his own professional dancers ready to entertain your events with a unique style and elegance. Our team is composed of males and females professional dancers with many years of experience. They can perform any kind of dance on request, we have our own dancing choreographers that are able to perform and train our dancers in any kind of music event. We can perform commercials, snake dancer, belly dancers, floating chandelier show, tanoura dance, flash mobs click here, dances with costumes, capoeira, flamenco and many more dances. We can customize and make a special show depending on the theme of your event or wedding in United States.

Spanish Flamenco Show
Brazilian Dance Music Show
Belly Dancing Show
Lebanese Dabka Show
Flashmob Dance Show
Hip Pop Dancing Show
Hawaian Dancing Show
Egyptian Arabic Dancing Show
Led Ballet Show
Feathers Dancing Show
Jazz Music Dancing Show
African Drummers & Dancers
Epic Shows


Dance is a strong kind of entertainment that can be utilized to set any tone, evoke emotions in your visitors, and transport them to another place, culture, or time. Dance is an art form that encompasses an enormously broad range of performing styles.

Our extensive catalog of dance show entertainment features a wide variety of great performances suitable for any event, including led dancing, Charleston dancers from the 1920s, ballet, flamenco, and flash mobs, feathers dance, Bollywood dancing, zaffa dancing, hip hop dance, brasilian samba dancer and any other kind. We are able to assist you in finding the appropriate entertainment for your event, whether it be after-dinner entertainment, a surprise dancing act for a product launch, a full-scale corporate show, or themed dance entertainment.

Our dancers can be hired to enhance any theme and wow any audience, from children and families to wedding guests, corporate audiences, and crowds in the hundreds. Showcasing an impressive array of dazzling costumes, impressive choreography, and added extras such as lighting, props, backdrops, and accompanying singers, our dancers showcase an impressive array of dazzling costumes and impressive choreography. Have a particular idea in mind? When it comes to costumes and choreography, the majority of our acts allow some level of basic customization, but we also have the ability to work with our Custom creations to put together completely individualized productions.

You can make a futuristic spectacular with LED costumes and robot-like outfits, discover contemporary troupes who have become famous as a result of talent shows, or choose to go with traditional classics from a wide variety of countries. We have an impressive repertoire of different types of dance, including ballet, ballroom, burlesque, flamenco, cancan, ice skaters, cheerleaders, Las Vegas showgirls, folk dancers, cultural dancers, tap dancers, and more. Our dancers come from renowned troupes and professional dancers from all over the world. Contact us today for a customized quote for your special event.

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