Aboriginal Dance Show

Aboriginal Dance Show

Aboriginal Dance Show

This Aboriginal Show combines traditional and modern Aboriginal dance, music, and storytelling. The Australian Aboriginal dancers from the mid-east coast of Australia joined forces with a jazz fusion world music ensemble to create this spellbinding performance.
In the show, the didgeridoo, along with other western instruments, plays a prominent part. In order to create a really original, exotic, and eerie symphony of music, a new type of jazz fusion is combined with world and classical music influences.
The stories of the Aboriginal people from Australia's mid-east coast are depicted in the Cultural Song Dance.
With the stamping of feet and the haunting Indigenous voice singing traditional melodies and spiritually calling on the ancestors, one can feel the power of these ancient and distinctive traditions being passed down to new generations. The Aboriginal Dance Show is an astonishing, visually stunning, and theatrical event that is both energizing and magical.
One of Australia's most stunning export acts, The Aboriginal Dance Show has garnered standing ovations everywhere they have performed on their world-wide tours.

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