Adventures Of The North Pole

Adventures Of The North Pole

Adventures Of The North Pole

Be sure to entertain your audience with this family-friendly Adventures of the North Pole presentation. Your young children will be spellbound as they see our young explorers, Sophie and Charlie, are whisked from their beds by a fantastical snowstorm. Still in their pajamas, they awaken in the Arctic to find a stunning Polar Bear attempting to make its way back to its friend, the Ice Queen.
The Ice Queen has thrown the country into an endless series of storms ever since the bear went missing. In their efforts to retrieve the Polar Bear, Sophie and Charlie encounter Arctic Clowns, Penguins, and even Jill Frost. Will Sophie and Charlie be able to securely deliver the Polar Bear to the Ice Queen?
Arctic Cirque is a fantastical winter story performed by exceptional cirque artists, singers, and actors of the highest caliber. This amazing and heartwarming tale will take you on a fantastical journey. It includes aerial, the Cyr wheel, your favorite pop music, dancing penguins, and even a life-size polar bear.
Our Adventures of the North Pole presentation is excellent for children's entertainment, private events, and special occasions. It draws people from all over the world to retail malls.
This interactive children's stage production, which has a winter theme and is entertaining for the whole family, will keep audiences of all ages enthralled from beginning to end as the stage is turned into a winter wonderland filled with wonderful characters and thrilling adventure.
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