Aerial Drummers France – Book Aerial Spectacle | Lyon

Aerial Drummers France – Book Aerial Spectacle | Lyon

Aerial Drummers France – Book Aerial Spectacle | Lyon

Our Comedy Roaming Drummers from France are featured in this breath-taking aerial show. The breathtaking performance is centered on a stunning aerial prop with a group of seven drummers hovering over a crib like a gigantic mobile for a baby. The show's imaginative characters and live music are like a visual portrayal of a child's imagination. В
The grandiose, large-scale spectacle performed by Aerial Drummers France enthralls audiences of all backgrounds. With captivating characters, live music, and an amazing aerial extravaganza, the 45-minute performance is a fantastic way to give your guests a truly immersive experience.
The airborne drummers' performance starts with a roving drumming procession that weaves through the audience to the stage's center while making jokes with spectators. The second act of the show involves being hoisted on their incredible aerial prop well over the audience. A aerialist does fantastic stunts in the middle as they perform a cacophony of synchronized rhythms.
This incredible aerial show was originally created in 1990 in France, close to Lyon, and has since traveled the globe, appearing in exotic locales such as Bangkok, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Athens, Moscow, Blackpool, and many more. В
Aerial Drummers France's performance tries to incorporate the audience, the environment, and even the architecture as it draws viewers' attention from the ground to the sky.
Contact our entertainment coordinators, who will be pleased to help, if you would like to reserve this mesmerizing drumming performance for your event.

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