Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil

The well-known British media tycoon and broadcaster Andrew Neil has a distinguished background as a journalist, newspaper editor, publisher, and political advisor.
He is a regular presenter for current events on BBC television, where he has earned a formidable reputation for holding powerful politicians and political commentators accountable through his approach to interviews. He now hosts Sunday Politics on BBC1, This Week on BBC1, and Daily Politics on BBC2. В
Born in 1949 in Scotland, Andrew studied economics and politics at Glasgow University. After working for the Conservative Party as a political advisor, he joined The Economist in 1973 and spent the next 10 years there as a correspondent, American correspondent, and eventually UK Editor.
В During this time, Andrew's face appeared frequently on UK and American TV and radio.
Andrew was appointed Editor of The Sunday Times in 1983, where he served as Executive Chairman during the launch of Sky Television. After a well-publicized falling out with Rupert Murdoch, he departed in 1994, and in 1996, he wrote his memoirs, which were collected in the book Full Disclosure.
Currently, Andrew serves as the chairman and editor-in-chief of Spectator Publications, Apollo International Art Mag, ITP, which publishes more than 60 magazines in the Gulf, and World Media Rights, which makes documentaries for more than 69 nations.
Talking points:
Andrew is a well-liked option for a keynote, after-dinner speaker, and conference facilitator because of his widespread reputation as an authority on British, European, and American politics and business. Andrew discusses these topics with his finger on the political pulse:
British economics
Politics in Britain
international politics and finance, with a focus on the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and emerging markets
The 21st Century Leadership in the Media Business
How to Make Your Company a Leader in the Digital Revolution
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