Berlin Poodle Parade – Book Stilt Walking Act | Germany

Berlin Poodle Parade – Book Stilt Walking Act | Germany

Berlin Poodle Parade – Book Stilt Walking Act | Germany

The magnificent Berlin Poodle Parade, which straddles the line between Crufts and Pride events, is sure to leave your visitors speechless. This completely original stilt walking act with dog-themed performers will be a must-see part of your event and is the ideal eye-catching parade show to draw in a large audience of spectators.
Five differently coloured human-sized poodles on stilts that can carry instruments to generate some noise while they move about make up the Berlin Poodle Parade show. They travel with a fairytale-like ringmaster who serves as their bandleader and trainer. Everyone will notice the stilt walking act because to the clash of colours, musical cacophony, and height of the performance, and they will be curious to see more.
The dog-themed performers, who are dressed in black, green, purple, pink, and blue, bounce around on stilts while the ringmaster is dressed in a way that makes him appear to be from a fantastical children's book. Your guests will never have seen anything like the walkabout act as a whole.
The Berlin Poodle Parade is an excellent walkabout performance for events geared toward families, festivals, parades, and occasions with a vibrant theme. The dog-themed entertainers can also be hired as a walkabout act so that visitors can simply socialise at any kind of event. The Berlin Poodle Parade is a fun interactive event with lots of photo possibilities, no matter how you schedule it.
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