Book 1920s Great Gatsby Dancers

Book 1920s Great Gatsby Dancers

Book 1920s Great Gatsby Dancers

The Great Gatsby Show Girls: Roaring 20s entertainment, like our incredible Great Gatsby Show Girls, has been in high demand since the publication of Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby.
Our 1920s dancers will transport you to the glitzy era of sparkling Jazz and the Charleston while bringing vintage glitz into the twenty-first century. The Great Gatsby-themed dancers are guaranteed to provide a joyful, elegant, and sophisticated touch to your event with their realistic and magnificent costumes and choreography.
The stunning 1920s showgirls will be on hand to establish the mood and provide meet and greet entertainment for your guests as soon as they arrive. The Gatsby-themed showgirls are ideal for 1920s-themed entertainment since they will pose for photos with visitors and help with canape and cocktail receptions. В
The 1920s dancers will next take the stage to present highly charged, meticulously prepared dance sequences. The 1920s dance show can be presented as a choice for after-dinner entertainment or even as the opening act to get your event off to an electrifying start. В
The experienced dancers may adapt the dance display to your event's needs and, if necessary, can even perform "ad hoc" dances during the event. Additionally, they can offer brief Charleston dance lessons to get your guests up and dancing and in the party mood. В
Male dancers from the 1920s
Male 1920s dancers are also there to meet and greet guests, pose for pictures, and help with canaps and cocktail receptions in addition to the Great Gatsby Show Girls. They can also put on their own masculine dance display from the 1920s, complete with a jaw-dropping tap sequence. В
Top Tip: The duration of a 1920s dance workshop might range from 15 minutes to 5 minutes for the usual event. Depending on the needs of your event, you can change the set length and the lineup of performances. For added glitz and dance entertainment, Vintage Burlesque Performers are also available to round off our fantastic 1920s Great Gatsby themed entertainment performance lineup.
1920s Dancers, a book
Hire our 1920s dancers to round off your prohibition- or the Great Gatsby-themed entertainment. A popular option that adds refinement and glitz to your event is the 20s theme. Our professional dancers and flapper dancers from the 1920s will definitely get your visitors' attention.
To learn more about hiring our incredible dancers dressed as characters from The Great Gatsby in the 1920s, contact our UK event professionals right away.
NEWS: In Sorrento, Italy, we secured the dancers for a glam birthday celebration. Keep reading.

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