Book 1920S Tap Sensations

Book 1920S Tap Sensations

Book 1920S Tap Sensations

In an effort to offer you a peek of the "sizzle," the sparkly ladies are swinging, shuffling, tapping, and flapping their way along speakeasy street. The hottest thing to hit the Cabaret scene in a while is Gin and Kristen Minsky!
Since they were hardly able to walk, the 1920s Tap Sensations have been tapping their way into audiences' hearts. Eloise and William, also known as Ellie and Billy Minsky, the stage parents of New York's best burlesque house, raised the two backstage on the Vaudeville circuit. The children trained to dance to give their parents a breather between acts.
Gin and Kristen moved from the bible belt to Boston to hone their theatrical style and flair before landing in New York's Greenwich Village when vaudeville appeared to be on its death legs. Famous for its jazz and nightlife, soft-shoe became tap, sweet became sass, and the Sisters rolled up their stockings and reduced their hemlines—never looking back since!

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