Book A Celebrity Virtual Asian Cooking Class

Book A Celebrity Virtual Asian Cooking Class

Book A Celebrity Virtual Asian Cooking Class

FAQsPlease give a detailed description of your virtual show every five minutes of the show. Join an award-winning TV chef, cookbook author, and Emmy nominee for a private online cooking class. Guests pick up two Asian recipes to prepare. When entertaining at home, she will prepare simple, delicious foods that delight and impress guests. Ching introduces herself and provides some information on her career as a chef to begin the cook-along. She will then provide a brief overview of the recipes she will be preparing. Once everyone is ready and set for the first dish, she will begin with it, go through the ingredients, and start with the first recipe. After that, the recipe is prepared step by step. While cooking, clients can ask questions, and Ching will answer them by discussing the ingredients' meanings and health advantages. She will also provide cooking advice that she has acquired throughout her career. Clients will taste their dishes at the end of the lesson and provide feedback so they may savour the results of their labour. The class cannot be recorded, so please be aware of that. Can I customise your show? How long does it take to build a bespoke design? The cook-along can be readily customised, for instance, taking into account the degree of cooking proficiency, dietary preferences, such as vegan or vegetarian, and occasion, simple foods, sharing dishes, celebratory recipes, or dumplings. We would require a lead time for the customization of seven days. Do you provide both recorded and live streaming of your shows? If that's the case, how long does it take you to make a pre-recorded video? Both pre-recorded and live-streamed options are available from our chef, although pre-recorded content can only be viewed once (and would be code activated to limit one use). Five days' notice is required for planning and content creation, and the setup takes a half-day (including food preparation). Depending on the level of the class, the length of the lesson is 1 to 1.5 hours. However, two dishes, 15 minutes for questions and answers, and an additional 15 minutes just in case. Do you have a professional studio setup for your show? Where is it set up? The instructor's home kitchen, which is frequently used for TV culinary shows, online classes, and demos, serves as the location for the class. A laptop-based camera is used for filming. How much engagement is there with live audiences? How does that function? She will cook, and the audience will cook with her and ask questions while the dishes are created. Guests are guided through the cooking process. Smaller gatherings, in our opinion, are more intimate and encourage closer communication between the chef and the diners. The interaction will be extensive. What type of platform do you favour for your virtual show? Which additional media channels have you used? Zoom functions effectively, but it must be a closed platform that is only accessible to paying customers. It can be adjustable depending on the needs of the group. Do you have a technician who assists with setting up your online show? Although we haven't had any technological issues before, our cook's husband is quite technical and can help if necessary. How long is your online programme? The session lasts between one and one and a half hours, depending on the quantity of dishes and the clients' level of cooking. Are there any requirements for participants? They'll require the ingredients for the recipes, which can be sent before they place their order. They will also require a wok, a cutting board, and standard kitchenware. Guests receive 20 pre-recorded cooking sessions to learn how to make their favourite Asian plant-based cuisine, as well as a signed copy of our celebrity chef's most recent book. Is there a limit on how many people can attend the concert, both minimum and maximum? a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 individuals Are there any platforms that you would rather not work on or that would not be suitable with your act? No, however it must be a closed group, and we must be aware of the team's identity beforehand.

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