Book A Comedy String Quartet

Book A Comedy String Quartet

Book A Comedy String Quartet

Strings and Beats will give you a night you won't soon forget by fusing their extraordinary musical ability with a genuine aptitude for enticing listeners.
Four families, three electric violins, one cello, some live beat-boxing, raw talent, and a healthy dose of British humour combine to create an act that is completely out of the ordinary.
Cabaret show with electric strings and beatboxers
This male string quartet, which is made up of three brothers and one cousin who are all well trained in classical music, puts up a special performance with impeccable playing, funny timing, and a modern sound.
This cabaret event has it all, from brilliantly moving versions by classical composers to foot-stomping rock and strolls down memory lane. The show, which is packed from beginning to end with amusing and impressive moments, features: History of Music in 5 - Strings and Beats' frantic journey through time with 40 songs in five minutes
Ravel's Bolero is an astounding show of musical gymnastics, including the entire ensemble playing simultaneously on one cello.
Movie Themes is a humorous quiz that features a mashup of movie soundtracks.
Famous Electric String Quartet
Strings and Beats have played more than 1000 events across 32 countries, and their distinctive electric string and beatbox cabaret show is in high demand. At the Rothschild Villa, Windsor Castle, the Beijing Festival, on BBC's The One Presentation, and several other corporate and private events, this dynamic electric string ensemble has performed their signature cabaret show.
Hire the electric string ensemble Strings and Beats for a brilliant performance that is quick-paced, humorous, participatory, and features everything from Metallica to Mozart. The ideal cabaret show entertainment for conferences, gala banquets, business celebrations, and more.
Super Tip
Strings and Beats can do live walk-up stings at award ceremonies in addition to their cabaret presentation.
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