Book A Virtual Cocktail Workshop

Book A Virtual Cocktail Workshop

Book A Virtual Cocktail Workshop

These online cocktail classes provide a variety of packages, making them the ideal alternative for a virtually held event. Our skilled bartenders will show you how to mix a variety of drinks, which are perfect for celebrating with friends or sports teams. Prior to the event, your guests will receive the ingredients. It is possible to integrate equipment that can be customised. Following an introduction, a typical session lasts for three cocktails, lasting between 15 and 20 minutes each. A fun 15 to 20 minute question and answer period follows the making of the mystery cocktail. Book a Platinum Session to design a comprehensive entertainment package that can include games, award-winning comedians doing stand-up sets, and a funny compere. Each session is a wonderful business present and a lively way to celebrate with your audience. What is the set up? The bartenders are currently in discussions to deploy a green screen professional setup for those clients enrolling in their Ultimate Masterclass option for the show, which is based at their location. A good camera, lights, and microphones are used for the Standard Masterclass, while two or three cameras are used for the Ultimate Session. Although they can use any of the available mainstream streaming platforms, they typically choose Zoom. Working with Babl on the unique platform is what they are doing. 2. How long are the sessions each? A live session can take anywhere between 1.5 and 2 hours. 3. How many participants are allowed? without a minimum or maximum. The platform option comes into its own and enables greater team interaction as the number of users reaches 100–150, however it also functions without. The bartenders advise holding a series of sessions across conferences with thousands of attendees for which they would create a unique platform or alternative. 4. Are there any requirements for participants? There will be a list of common home things that guests will need to give if they choose DIY bar kits, such as a jar (shaker), spoon, and rolling pin (muddler). They will also be required to supply ice and, in some cases, a few fresh ingredients for garnish, such lemon and orange. Five. Is the programme interactive? For more conversational contact from the bartender/host, the Standard Package features text engagement for Q&A, relayed by a dedicated assistant. Additionally, there is engagement for the mystery cocktail via Instagram hashtags. When you choose the Ultimate Package, you will also receive a host/compete who will link up any live questions from the audience and provide more of a Jamie Oliver Naked Chef back-and-forth with the bartender/presenter. There will also be a special board where users can upload their own drink recipes and receive feedback from others. 6. Is this experience customizable? Ballroom style tables for in-person engagement with smaller groups and a skimmable facade for client branding are just two of the many options available for customising your event. Branding is possible on all packaging and bar equipment. Additionally, our mixologists are capable of combining master classes and pre-batched drinks. The number of drinks a customer orders is up to them, and there is also the option of making a special business cocktail. There are alternatives to include entertainment acts and prize giveaways in the agenda to produce a more "genuine" event vibe. Additional tools and activities are also available, including a bubble kit, a hands-free stirrer, and a flavour-blaster bubble garnish cannon. 7. Can the show be recorded in advance? The pre-recorded solution includes an ingredients box as standard equipment and uses two cameras for close-ups and cutaways. An already-recorded programme lasts between one and one and a half hours.

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