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Book A Virtual Magic Experience | Bella Enterainment

Book A Virtual Magic Experience | Bella Enterainment

Members of the Virtual Magic Club include Maddox, a well-known Britain's Got Talent performer. John Flanagan - Presenter and winner of a BAFTA award Sergeant Major Richard Jones, a member of The Inner Magic Circle and winner of Britain's Got Talent FAQS1. What setup is there? Our team of incredible magicians works to make your event unforgettable for you and your guests. They will broadcast from each of their studio locations using a sleek, contemporary, and expert setup. Zoom offers interactive settings, therefore our magicians choose to stream their performances through it. It's also feasible to use other platforms, such as teams and hopin. What is the combined session's duration? Each virtual performance by a magician will last 15 to 20 minutes and feature a variety of tricks, some of which are participatory and others of which are purely for show. The trio will conduct a jaw-dropping show for your guests that will last 45 to 60 minutes. 3. How many participants are allowed in the online show? The platform you have selected will have a cap on the number of participants. 4. Do the visitors require anything in order to take part? Each visitor will be given a list of the materials they'll need to participate, which is likely to include a deck of cards, a phone, a pen, and paper, as well as a laptop or computer with a strong internet connection. Five. Is the programme interactive? The audience can contribute to this exciting, enchanting adventure, which is focused on audience participation. 6. Is this experience scalable? Yes, our magicians can include customisation choices like branding, unique messages, and meeting introductions. Our magicians will need advance notice for customising. 7. Can the show be taped and not streamed live? There will be less interactive elements in the show if your audience would prefer a pre-recorded experience, and our magicians will need some time to prepare the show, film it, and edit it before your virtual event.

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