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FAQsExplain in detail your virtual show. Chino performs a special collection of remixed classic tunes that are simple to dance to and that feature a modern pace and groove. В Customers can select to have their virtual set from a live magnificent Ibiza location, such as Es Vedra behind, at an opulent villa, or the beach, depending on availability. This choice enables the employment of a drone camera to enhance the impressiveness of the set. A classic studio setup with a custom changeable design cast over a green chroma screen is also an option. Can customers have their show modified for them? If we use the chroma background, the company's logo can be printed on a banner or flag or used to make a digital design. В A singer, a pair of go-go dancers, or even a musician playing the saxophone, drums, or violin might add more glitz to the DJ set. Do you provide both recorded and live streaming of your shows? If that's the case, how long does it take you to make a pre-recorded video for a client? Both pre-recorded and live streaming shows are available from our DJ. They must get confirmation at least five days before the event, but more time would be useful if the background needs to be customised. Do you have a professional studio setup for your show? Where is it set up? В For a pre-recorded show, Chino can set up his DJ equipment almost anyplace on the island. Additionally, we provide a variety of possibilities for streaming, with the uploading signal serving as the only restriction. What kind of cameras are used in your virtual show, and how many? The artist may deliver in 1920x1080, mp4 quality using two or three cameras and a flying drone. How much engagement is there with live audiences? How does that function? Depending on the live streaming standards and the platform we wish to use. While his assistants and technicians can converse simultaneously, Chino would only interact with notes on camera or microphone. What type of platform do you favour for your virtual show? He is accommodating of your wants. Are you assisted in the setup of your virtual exhibition by a technician? There is a film director and a sound engineer, both with extensive expertise. How long is your online programme? Chino can perform a simulated performance for up to two hours, with 1 hour being the ideal duration. Are there any requirements for participants? There are no additional requirements other than a screen-equipped connected device, however better speakers would be nice. Is there a limit on how many people can attend the concert, both minimum and maximum? Since it's your party, you can invite anybody you want! Are you willing to meet with the customer for a technical call or a rehearsal before the performance? The technical call needs to be placed at the same connection and location as the show. An additional charge would be necessary because a call would require a full setup twice, including technical participation.

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