Book A Virtual Poker Game

Book A Virtual Poker Game

Book A Virtual Poker Game

Our German poker player will provide teams of up to eight individuals and a fun and friendly poker session aimed to improve moods and drive engagement—perfect for smaller team get-togethers. Our host has a two-camera setup, and guests can access their own personal cards over a shared link to watch them. Guests will feel the intimacy of a real poker game as our host plays with actual cards and chips and adds some extra sound and visual effects. Each visitor will receive a video link before to the game, which they are encouraged to view. This will introduce the host, demonstrate how to set up the virtual environment, and explain it to them. As well as joining in 30 minutes before the game begins, visitors can ask the host questions, get advice, and perhaps learn a few poker strategies. The winning team will receive a photo of their game night the following day, which is perfect for posting on social media and serving as a reminder of the team's experience.

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