Book African Dancers And Drummers

Book African Dancers And Drummers

Book African Dancers And Drummers

African dancers from Maryland are a dynamic and strong group who continue the rich tradition of African dance, music, and folkways. As they deliver their drumming act with dancers, uplifting music, song, compelling narratives, and stories of customs in Africa, our African dancers and drummers put on an outstanding performance of raw talent and legacy. Our African dancers brighten every celebration with their captivating energy and zest for life, dressed in colorful and flamboyant costumes. The themes our Maryland African dance group deliver through music and dance are breath-taking and an experience that your audiences and visitors will always cherish. Performances that celebrate their African roots and pay tribute to global diversity. В
Our amazing African dancers and drummers not only perform thrilling traditional dance routines and drumming acts, but they also provide workshops for kids through their Youth Arts Programme, which works professionally with kids by fusing African dance forms with storytelling, crafts, and song with math, logic, and science to help improve the quality of education and life among young people.
Our African dance group is ideal for corporate events, private parties, conventions, conferences, and any other occasion that wants an authentic African dance and drumming group to brighten their stage and bring their vibrant culture to their event. We have over 28 years of experience performing and working within the community to share our rich African heritage.
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