Book Authentic Mariachi Band

Book Authentic Mariachi Band

Book Authentic Mariachi Band

Virtuoso musicians from California, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico are part of our incredible Vegas mariachi band, and they all contribute their own unique flair and flavor to the group.
Our authentic mariachi band presents performances that are as true to traditional mariachi as they can be while yet maintaining the flexibility to improvise, and they incorporate both Hispanic and Anglo tunes to make inclusive Mexican music concerts where no one is left out! They make sure that everyone in the audience has the chance to enjoy their music and comprehend the song lyrics by performing songs in both Spanish and English. So, whether you're from South America or are just a fan of Andean music, they can put on a show for you with the ideal playlist of songs.
They give roaming Mexican music that will reach every area of your event and get everyone singing along. They play anchera, bolero, sones, ballads, and much more. Our Mexican music band is happy to learn any particular requests in advance and execute them on the day in addition to playing from a repertoire full of international classics.
Our Mariachi band can liven up business events, wedding receptions, gala dinners, themed parties, and much more. We are experts at generating a fun, energetic environment that will get everyone in the mood for a fiesta.
Super Tip
Our mariachi band can perform with a full line-up of five or more musicians, a mariachi trio, or a mariachi duet, depending on your location and budget.

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