Book Beatboxing String Quartet

Book Beatboxing String Quartet

Book Beatboxing String Quartet

Looking for a novel and distinctive live music entertainment choice for your upcoming event? Look no farther than our Beatboxing String Quartet, whose outstanding performances give the conventional string quartet a fresh, contemporary twist. Our ensemble, which consists of four extraordinarily gifted string players, is completed by a well-known beatboxer who ranks in the top 10 in the nation.
Our magnificent modern string quartet is appropriate for a variety of upscale parties and occasions since it performs dramatic and high-energy shows.

With this odd lineup of string players, you're sure to astound your audience! Our band plays a mix of contemporary pop songs and classical works performed in fresh and fascinating ways, creating a contemporary strings collective.
Our talented beatboxer provides the rhythmic percussion section to the violins and cello of our performers, giving our contemporary string quartet a touch of cool.
Our modern string quartet musicians are among the best in the nation, with training at prestigious institutions like the Royal Academy of Music, Berkeley College of Music, The Birmingham Conservatoire, Manhattan School of Music, and Trinity School of Music.

Top Tip: Should your event demand a smaller or larger setup, players are also available as solo violinists or in varying denominations.
When playing as a show band, our string players also make up the String section of our Party Cover Band London! Learn about the additional bands that our talented string players can provide.
For events in the UK, US, Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere, Bella Entertainment offers a wide variety of live music entertainment. Check out our selection of contemporary string quartets, classical artists, and more.
Contact our team of entertainment experts, who will be pleased to assist with all of your live music entertainment needs, to book our exceptional Beatboxing String Quartet for a one-of-a-kind performance at your upcoming special occasion.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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